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There will be nostalgia, Nostalgia everywhereee

Nada Elkharashi is an Interdisciplinary Designer and a Design Researcher focused on creating thought-provoking experiences and realities. Her work lies at the intersection of materiality, cultural philosophy, and human ecology. In particular, her current research— published in VCU Scholars, employs natural materials and handmade techniques to imbue everyday objects with cultural insight that, in turn, stimulate and informs behavioral culture advancements.


She is skilled in understanding biological data to inform digital production, interactive visualizations, storytelling sensorial exhibitions, everyday furniture, and products.


Her past research has explored the post-revolution disenfranchised population through testing the feasibility of reclaimed materials as a tool to advocate for vocational narratives and emotional responses.


Her other recent projects tackled various interdisciplinary topics in bioplastics waste formation, cultural authenticity, habitual behavior, and urban behaviourology research, with her works exhibited around Qatar.


Nada holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture Honors— BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts with a full scholarship from Hamad Bin Khalifa for academic merit and excellence, and a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Design Studies—MFA, from Virginia Commonwealth University with a received graduate fellowship from the Dean of the Graduate School for academic achievements.

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