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There will be nostalgia, Nostalgia everywhereee

(b.1995) Nada Elkharashi is an interdisciplinary research designer focused on creating

thought-provoking experiences and realities. Her work lies at the intersection of cultural advancement, positive change, and human emotionality. With over 6 years of experience in developing and leading design innovations that thrive across various industry sectors, from daily used objects, everyday furniture, interactive installations, creative storytelling, sensorial exhibitions, product design, and biodesign.


Nada Elkharashi defies the formal understanding of sustainability measures. She produces works in which her use of form, material, and function provokes everyday perceptions to grow a relationship between individuals and positive changes.


By positioning her works with interactive characteristics, Nada Elkharashi forces individuals to shift their perceptions, engage in conversations about their behavior, and uncover local insights. She aims to restore cultural integrity to our daily activities and advance habits by embedding cultural advancements and cultural revival for a better quality of life.


Nada holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Design Studies—MFA, with a received graduate fellowship from the Dean of the Graduate School for academic achievements, and a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design Honors— BFA with a full scholarship from Hamad Bin Khalifa for academic merit and excellence, from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts.


Nada’s individual works have been awarded as the third winner for Urban and Public Design Rossana Orlandi Guiltlessplastic award, Young Balkan Designer 2022 Winner for Restoration of Human-nature Designs, Qatar Museum Public Art Winner for ‘Reuse, Recycle and Reduce’ Public Designs. While collaboratively have been awarded the WORTH Partnership Project II at Barcelona, Spain, Received the acceleration program by Ecologyhub Ebre 2022 at Catalonia, Spain, and Finalists at the Biodesign x Google sprint 2021.


Her works are also exhibited internationally in venues, including the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milan, Salone del mobile at Milan Design Week 2022, the Museum of Applied Arts in Serbia, Das Arabische Kulturhaus, Berlin, and around different exhibitions and spaces in Qatar.  

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