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Eggo: Public Shaded Seat

design for a community awareness

about the project
Eggo utilizes the existing form of the egg crate through perforating holes into the negative spaces, where the egg doesn't lay on. This perforation shields the direct sunlight, allowing the light to diffuse in and pass-through layers of egg crates, breaking the light strikes into fluttering shadows. This project silently communicates an emotional connection between the user and the egg crates. The short distance between triggers increased engagement and can obtain an emotion that delivers an impacted reverence. The emotional connection is needed to advocate for the needed different perspectives on the egg crates and spread awareness on single used discarded materials. The inherited qualities of the carton (dips and protrusion) allow for that emotional sensation to develop and formulate in the user using fluttering lights and simple, intimate moments.
To explore nonconventional materials in a foreign environment, and to expose the hidden qualities of reused materials. 
Eggo was funded by Qatar Museum for an open call theme of reuse, recycle and reduce.  
Selected as a finalist for Rossana Orlandi Ro Plastic Prize 2022: Urban and Public Design, 
Locally collected carton
egg crates and Stainless Steel Pipes
M7, Msheireb
Doha, Qatar
Rossana Orlandi. Ro Plastic Prize, Milan Design Week’22
Milan, Italy
2nd Waste Management Conference’22
Doha, Qatar
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