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Phototropic Giving

design for  digital  & traditional fusion

about the project
The desire of giving and the anticipation of those in need, evoke the notion of phototropism, similarly to how plants gravitate towards sunlight, which is extrapolated into in the use of transitional clear solid glass towards the top of the light fixtures. Which also seizes the purification of the natural air bubbles of glass, in which it captures attention as it inspires the imagination in place. 
The light fixtures are designed to work as an adaptable system due to its gravitating leaning form. They can be clustered together to denote tendency towards ‘giving’ or placed single to highlight the solidarity of survival. 
A design twist on the traditional Arabic Fanoos
Phototropic Giving was exhibited at Virginia CommonWealth University during Tasmeem'19

Digital Fanoos workshop was planned & funded by VCUQ
Molten Hand blown glass
3D printed bronze
The Glass Hub
Bath, England
Tasmeem International Art & Design conference, 
Doha, Qatar
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