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Google Pixel Bio 1: Regenerative Self Charging Phone Case

design for positive change

about the project
We reflected on the charging experience of devices and felt another way was possible. Through our research, we encountered Geobacter Suflfureducens, a bacteria that builds electrically conductive protein nanowires. Building on the research of Drs. Lovley and Yao, scientists at UMASS, we imagined a self charging skin for a speculative phone: the Pixel Bio. It would be assembled in multiple layers that provide the environment and surface area necessary to generate electricity from ambient air.Our calculations and material experiments are promising, and with further research and collaborations, we can make this a possibility within the next five years.

The project has been developed during Biodesign Challenge x Google for promoting spatial wellbeing and sustainable development. 
Acoustical and visual characteristics to develop cognitive representations for a rhythmic and symbolic user attachment 
Designed by a Diverse team: Nada Elkharashi (Interdisciplinary Research Designer), Catherine Euale (Material Designer),

Sequoia Fischer (Research and Development), Paige Perillat Piratoine (Production and Storytelling).

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